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Seeking Justice: The Unsolved Murder of Za’ire Person in Augusta

One more heartbreaking news from Augusta crime city of Georia. Intestinally 102 bullets are fired only 15 years old Za’ire on her birthday.

The city of Augusta, Georgia, US is known for its rich and developed history and vibrant community. Recently a tragic incident shook the entire city. The April 6 murder of 15-year-old Za’ire Person left his family devastated, with the community now demanding answers for justice.

Two months have passed since that terrible tragic day, and yet the case remains unsolved, leaving his loved ones still desperate and waiting for justice.

The Incident and Family’s Quest for Answers

One more heartbreaking news from Augusta crime city of Georia. Intestinally 102 bullets are fired only 15 years old Za'ire on her birthday.
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When the accident occurred, Jair Person, a promising star athlete and exemplary student at Butler High School, was celebrating his 16th birthday at a “Splat” party, a fun event where children engage in water gun fights. However, the happy occasion quickly turns into a nightmare when shots are fired, Unfortunately, a real gunshot on Za’ire.

And the family’s grief was increased by the fact that the perpetrators were armed with real guns. Within minutes, the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere turned into a deadly scene.

Despite the presence of witnesses and 102 bullets recovered from the crime scene or celebrating Za’ire’s birthday. no one arrests have been made in connection with Za’ire’s murder. The family expressed dismay at the progress of the investigation, feeling that Za’ire’s case had been neglected.

The family urged the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to seek additional assistance from outside agencies. And also, such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to expedite the pursuit of justice.

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The Impact on the Community and Call for Action

Za’ire’s murder shook not only his family but the entire community in the city of Augusta, Georgia. It highlights a wider issue of increased violence among young people in Augusta. Other families who have experienced similar losses reached out to Za’ire’s family for solace, sharing their stories of unanswered questions and unfulfilled promises of justice.

As news of this horrific accident spread across the region, the community response to Za’ire’s killing has been a collective call for unity and action.
Gradually a large group of its people gathered who want justice and are looking for the culprit.

The Search for Solutions and Community Engagement

I think, our society has various programs to control crimes as well as laws. But my vision of me can see the increment of crimes, again and again, year to year. Not only these types of crime there a lot of crime happened in a second. why people are not aware to think about this? we were living together but never thought together to collect solutions and give one hand in.

Augusta Crime

Addressing the underlying causes of violence and creating a safe environment for Augusta residents requires a multi-pronged approach. Through mentorship, after-school activities and community outreach, efforts are being made to steer vulnerable individuals away from violence and onto positive paths.

In addition, the Augusta community is pushing for greater transparency and communication between law enforcement agencies and affected families. They stress the importance of ongoing updates, regular contact and emotional support for grieving families, ensuring that no one is left behind or forgotten.

The killing of the Za’ire man in Augusta is an open wound for his family and community. Yet the search for justice continues even as two months have passed since his tragic death.

This case which is unsolved yet is a reminder of the work that must be done to address and investigate the root causes of violence and to ensure that no family suffers such heartbreak and unforgivable pain.

Augusta stands united in its demand for justice, urging law enforcement agencies to redouble their efforts and explore all possible avenues for solving Za’ire’s murder. Now Community engagement and support are essential to creating a safe environment for all residents, especially youth.

As Augusta mourns the loss of Za’ire Person, the community remains resilient and committed to fostering change. It is through collective action, empathy, and perseverance that they hope to bring closure to Za’ire’s family and prevent further tragedies from occurring.


  • Q. What is the crime rate in augusta georgia?
    Based on FBI crime data, Augusta is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Georgia, Augusta crime rate is higher than 72% of cities and towns of all sizes in the state.
  • Q. How bad is crime in augusta, ga?
    The rate of crime in the Augusta metro area is 36.72 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

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