Google Doodle celebrated Zarina Hashmi's (Influential Indian American artist) 86th birthday.

She enhances her potential in a geometric abstract style.

She was born (1937) in Aligarh, India. Her life was turned down by the partition of India, which forced her family to relocate to Karachi, Pakistan.

Img Source: CreativeCommons

Her travels to Bangkok, Paris, and Japan exposed her to printmaking and the influences of modernist and abstract art movements.

In New York City, she became an advocate for women and female artists of color. There she joined the Heresies Collective and co-curating exhibitions.

Her captivating prints incorporated semi-abstract depictions and precise geometric patterns, influenced by her identity and experiences. So now she is on Google Doodle!

By presenting such doodles, Google has encouraged all women and also inspired women to put their potential, art, and talent in front of the world.