The Mysterious Disappearance of Carlee Russell during the Call 911 to inform a toddler child on the road.

An accident happened with Carlee Russell, who is a 25-year-old nursing student, she went missing after calling 911 to report seeing a toddler on the road.

The police couldn't confirm most of about Carlee Russell,  what she first told them, but they found some interesting internet searches she did before vanishing.

She told the police that, after the call, a man and a woman forced her into a big truck and took pictures of her.

After 49 hours, Carlee came back home and said about her struggle, and how she succeeded to escape from those people's cages.

After investigation, the police found her car, stuff, and wig near the road where she called 911.

ImgsSrource: Facebook

Police are still investigating and waiting for more details from Carlee to understand what really happened. It's a puzzling case.

All about raising a question "Is it safe to take a decision helping other for human", Carlee was trying to help that helpless child but she is not know what is going to happen to her.