Rep. Nancy Mace: A Viral Moment for Her Personal Talk at Prayer Breakfast

Rep. Nancy Mace is a congresswoman from South Carolina. She represents the state of South Carolina in the United States House of Representatives.

At an event hosted by Sen. Tim Scott, Mace shared a funny moment about her fiancé's morning advances, it's making both laughter and criticism from the audience.

During a prayer breakfast hosted by Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina, Rep. Nancy Mace made a playful and candid remark that drew both laughter and criticism from the audience.

According to her, when she woke up that morning at 7 o'clock, her fiancé tried to be close to her in bed. However, she jokingly mentioned that she had to decline his advances,

Her words: "No, baby, we don't get time for that this morning. I gotta get to the prayer breakfast, and I gotta be on time."

This lighthearted comment created a moment of amusement and awkwardness during the event, as Rep. Mace chose to share a personal and intimate aspect of her life with the audience.

While some found her openness refreshing, others criticized her for discussing such matters in a public setting, especially given the conservative nature of the event and the audience.

She believes the Republican Party should focus on important matters concerning women contributing to childcare and maternal care.

Yes! To share personal to audience it's weird but its should because most of the relations are break only for misunderstanding based on responsibility.