OMG 2: Controversy Leads to Edit 20 Scene as Per Court Order

After the controversy surrounding OMG 2, the court ordered changes for some objectionable scenes, which have now been edited out.

OMG 2 Movie is all set to grace the cinemas after facing some censorship challenges. It's now rated 'A' with over 20 changes.

1) Akshay Kumar's role as Lord Shiva has been altered to portray one avoiding any potential controversies.

2) Scenes featuring Naga Sadhus have been replaced with more subtle content, eliminating frontal nudity scenes.

4) The film's fictional city, Ujjain, dealing with sex education, has been given a new name to steer clear of any issues.

5) References to liquor offerings have been changed to the term "Madhira" in connection with Lord Shiva.

6) The term "Ling" has been replaced with "Shivling" or "Shiv" in dialogues pertaining to Lord Shiva.

7) Dialogues like "Satyam Shivam Sundaram" have been omitted from the film.

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