A Deadly Gamble - Urgent Measures Required for Public Safety  

RPP questions the accountability of NHIDCL, contractors, consultants, and PWD for the tragic incident on NH-29, highlighting negligence.

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Man-made Disaster

Environmental Negligence

NHIDCL disregarded NPCB directives, and used dynamite despite risks, endangering the environment and travelers on NH-29.

From fiction to fact


Concerns raised by civil society organizations about safety lapses on NH-29 went unheeded by NHIDCL and other parties involved. 

Ignored Warnings

Construction Anomalies

The deputy commissioner's report exposes sub-standard materials, poor engineering, and a lack of monitoring on NH-29.

Lack of Safety Infrastructure

NH-29 lacks safety measures, poses risks with exposed rocks, visible cracks, endangering travelers' lives.

Seeking Justice

RPP urges police to investigate negligence, dereliction of duties, ensuring accountability for NH-29's unsafe conditions.