Delhi Flood Crisis: Yamuna River Recedes, but Challenges Persist 

After three days, water levels in the Yamuna River in flood-hit Delhi have started receding. This brings relief as the river's level reached 208.29 meters this morning.

In response to worsening conditions, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sought the assistance of the military to fix a broken drain near ITO (Income Tax Office) area.

Together with Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena, Kejriwal personally inspected the damaged drain to assess the situation.

The damaged drain has contributed to the inundation of several nearby areas, exacerbating the flood situation.

The Delhi government is taking immediate action to repair the drain and mitigate further flooding risks.

The Yamuna's receding water levels indicate progress in flood control efforts, but vigilance and precautionary measures remain crucial.

Evacuation and relief operations continue to support affected residents in flood-prone areas.

Image Source: Creative Commons