Goiás x Coritiba Clash: A Pivotal Battle for Victory and Redemption

Goiás x Coritiba AO VIVO: Where to Watch, Lineups, and Kickoff Time in the Brasileirão

Goiás x Coritiba AO VIVO: Where to Watch, Lineups, and Kickoff Time in the Brasileirão
Goiás x Coritiba AO VIVO: Where to Watch, Lineups, and Kickoff Time in the Brasileirão [ImgSource: CreativeCommons]

The Coritiba team is seeking their first victory in the Brasileirão as they face Goiás in an away game. Find out where to watch the match live and the confirmed lineups by both coaches.

The match between Goiás and Coritiba is set to occur on Monday night, specifically on July 3rd, at 8:00 PM. This exciting showdown will take place at the renowned Serrinha Stadium, located in the vibrant city of Goiânia.

As the teams prepare to face each other, Coritiba finds itself in a challenging situation. Having endured a winless streak spanning four months, they have only managed to accumulate four points so far in the Brasileirão. Regrettably, at this stage of the competition, Coritiba finds itself as the sole team that has been unable to secure a victory. However, this upcoming match against Goiás presents a significant opportunity for them to change their fortunes and attain their first win of the season.

It serves as a Fateful moment for the team to showcase their resilience, determination, and potential for success. With their sights set on a triumphant performance, Coritiba will be motivated to seize this opportunity and turn the tides in their favor. The players will be eager to demonstrate their skills and secure a much-needed victory that could serve as a turning point in their campaign.

On the other side of the pitch, Goiás is also in a precarious position, occupying a spot in the relegation zone. With 11 points to their name, they are determined to improve their standing in the league. Notably, Goiás recently achieved direct qualification to the round of 16 in the Copa Sudamericana, adding to their motivation and confidence ahead of this important Brasileirão clash.

The match between Goiás and Coritiba holds significant importance for both teams. Coritiba is eager to break their winless streak and make a statement in the league, while Goiás aims to build upon their recent success and climb out of the relegation zone. With these objectives in mind, both teams will be striving to deliver a captivating and competitive performance on the pitch.

Football enthusiasts and supporters from across the nation will be eagerly anticipating this match, as the outcome will have implications for the teams’ respective standings in the Brasileirão. The Serrinha Stadium will be filled with fervent fans, creating an electric atmosphere that enhances the excitement and intensity of the game.

As the countdown to kick-off continues, anticipation grows among fans and players alike. This clash between Goiás and Coritiba represents a pivotal moment for both teams to showcase their skills, determination, and desire for success. It’s a match that has the potential to produce thrilling moments and shape the trajectory of their campaigns in the Brasileirão.

As the two teams step onto the field at Serrinha Stadium in Goiânia, they will be fueled by their aspirations for victory. It’s a moment where football passion converges with strategic gameplay, and every player will be giving their all to secure a positive outcome for their respective teams.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and prepare yourself for an enthralling encounter between Goiás and Coritiba on that Monday night. As the referee’s whistle blows, the stage will be set for a captivating display of skill, determination, and the relentless pursuit of triumph in the Brasileirão.


The match will be exclusively broadcasted on Premiere, through pay-per-view, and on Premiere Play, through streaming.

After suffering a 5-1 defeat against Grêmio, Coritiba sacked coach Antônio Carlos Zago and has not yet hired a replacement. As a result, Thiago Kosloski, who was with the U-20 team, has been promoted to permanent assistant and will lead the team on an interim basis.

The interim coach is expected to make a formation change for the team. During the week’s training sessions, the team practiced with two center-backs, which had not been done in any previous match under Zago’s command.

The absences for this match are right-back Natanael and midfielder Bruno Gomes, both serving suspensions due to accumulating three yellow cards. On the other hand, forward Robson will be available again.

The probable lineup for Coritiba is as follows:

Meanwhile, Goiás will maintain the lineup that won against Santa Fe in the middle of the week in the Copa Sudamericana. Coach Armando Evangelista is expected to field the team with Tadeu; Maguinho, Lucas Halter, Bruno Melo, and Sander; Zé Ricardo, Willian Oliveira, Morelli, and Palacios; Matheusinho and Matheus Peixoto.


Find out where to watch Goiás x Coritiba in the Brasileirão: Premiere and Premiere Play.

Date, kickoff time, and venue: Monday (July 3rd), 8:00 PM, at Serrinha Stadium in Goiânia.

Goiás lineup: Tadeu; Maguinho, Lucas Halter, Bruno Melo, and Sander; Zé Ricardo, Willian Oliveira, and Guilherme; Alesson, Matheus Peixoto, and Matheusinho. Coach: Armando Evangelista.

Coritiba lineup: Gabriel Vasconcellos; Diogo Batista, Kuscevic, Thiago Dombroski, and Jamerson; Andrey, Matheus Bianqui, and Marcelino Moreno; Robson, Zé Roberto, and Alef Manga. Coach: Thiago Kosloski.

Refereeing team: Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim (AL), assisted by Fabrini Belivaqua Costa (SP) and Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC). VAR referee: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC), with the assistance of Eder Alexandre (SC) and Alisson Sidnei Furtado (TO)., A Redação

Goiânia – The streets around Hailé Pinheiro Stadium, located on Avenida 85 in Goiânia, will be closed in the early evening on Monday (July 3rd). The closure, which will begin at 6:30 PM, is due to the match between Goiás and Coritiba, valid for the Brasileirão Serie A, at 8:00 PM. The roadblocks will be in effect until 10:30 PM.

According to the Municipal Mobility Department of Goiânia (SMM), the closure is in partnership with the navigation app Waze, so drivers can navigate using the app. Additionally, traffic agents will be present at the location to guide drivers.

Check the schedule of road closures:

Starting at 6:30 PM – Alameda Edmundo Pinheiro de Abreu with Rua S-5
Starting at 6:30 PM – Rua S-5 with Rua T-62
Starting at 6:30 PM – Avenida 85 with Alameda Edmundo Pinheiro de Abreu, Setor Serrinha
Beginning at 6:30 PM, the intersection of Rua T-62 with Rua S-4, Rua S-3, Rua S-2, and up to Rua S-1 will be temporarily closed. This road closure is part of the preparations for the highly anticipated match between Goiás and Coritiba in the Brasileirão Serie A. The closure will last until 10:30 PM, ensuring the safety and smooth flow of traffic around the stadium.

During this period, drivers are advised to seek alternative routes to avoid any inconvenience. The Municipal Mobility Department of Goiânia, in collaboration with the popular navigation app Waze, has provided support to assist motorists in finding the best detours. Traffic agents will also be present at the affected intersections to guide drivers and ensure a hassle-free journey.

It’s important for residents and commuters in the vicinity of the Hailé Pinheiro Stadium to be aware of these road closures and plan their travel accordingly. By staying informed and following the guidance of traffic officials, everyone can contribute to a successful and enjoyable event while minimizing traffic congestion and ensuring the safety of all participants.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this temporary inconvenience. Let’s come together to support our teams and make this match between Goiás and Coritiba a memorable event for all football enthusiasts.
The roadblocks will be in effect until 10:30 PM.

COMMENTS, Goiás x Coritiba: Watch Live on Premiere

The broadcasting rights for the 2023 Brasileirão are divided among various streaming services and TV channels. The match between Goiás and Coritiba will be broadcasted on the Premiere channel. Therefore, to watch Goiás x Coritiba live and online today, tune in to Premiere.

The Premiere channel can be subscribed to through its official website. For an annual subscription, the cost is 12 installments of R$ 29.90. There is also the Premiere + Globoplay combo, which costs 12 installments of R$ 39.90 in the annual plan. Finally, the Premiere + Globoplay package, which includes additional live channels [including SporTV, which also broadcasts matches from Brasileirão Serie A and B], costs 12 installments of R$ 59.90.

Another option is to subscribe to the Premiere channel through a service provider. Check the available plans with Claro, Claro BoxTV, Sky, Oi, Vivo, Amazon Prime Video, and DirectTV Go.

Goiás x Coritiba
Brasileirão 2023 – 13th Round
Date: Sunday, July 3rd, 2023, 8:00 PM
Venue: Hailé Pinheiro Stadium – Goiânia, Goiás
Broadcast: Premiere
Probable lineups:
Goiás: Tadeu; Maguinho, Lucas Halter, Bruno Melo, and Sander; Zé Ricardo, Willian Oliveira, and Guilherme Marques; Palacios, Matheus Peixoto, and Matheusinho. Coach: Armando Evangelista.
Coritiba: Gabriel; Marcos Vinicius, Kuscevic, Thiago Dombroski, and Jamerson; Andrey, Bianqui, and Marcelino Moreno; Robson, Alef Manga, and Zé Roberto. Coach: Thiago Kosloski., Coritiba finally secured their first victory in the 2023 Brasileirão. Led by Thiago Kosloski, Coxa defeated Goiás 2-1 at Serrinha Stadium, putting an end to a massive 130-day winless streak.

Check out the Brasileirão table
Alef Manga and Kuscevic scored in the first half, while Dodô pulled one back for Goiás in the second half. The Alviverde team, however, remains at the bottom of the table with seven points. Goiás sits in the 17th position with 11 points, also in the relegation zone.

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